Friday, July 10, 2009

Ch. 13 Streaming North Brother Island Web Episode

Good news for web addicts like ourselves, or people who have thrown their televisions out the window because they are sick of the excessive Michael Jackson coverage: Channel 13 is now offering a bulk of their programming online for free.

The newly updated will stream many national programs, as well as original online content created to cater to hyper-local New York audiences.

A new "City Revealed" episode which premiered online this week takes viewers to North Brother Island, which used to be a quarantine hospital and is now a protected heron habitat. It's a really fascinating behind the scenes look at how this bird breeding environment is researched and protected.

So if you can tear yourselves away from the train wreck that is "So You Think You Can Dance" long enough, we suggest you check out Thirteen's new online offerings by clicking here, or checking out the Brother Island episode below.

The City Concealed: North Brother Island Bird Sanctuary from on Vimeo.



Stacy said...

Agreed about incessant MJ coverage and thank you for letting us know about Channel 13 online content but I beg to differ about "So You Think You Can Dance" ! I love that show! More dance please!

Shonky McShonk said...

Thanks for this update. I was wondering when they'd get smart.
Now I can catch world focus when it is convenient.

Casey said...

Dear ch 13,
I have been very interested in this island for quite some time.My name is Casey an Im fiveteen. Since your program get to have axcess to the island, if its at all possible , I ask that you take me with you on one of your trips. You can reach me by my email

Casey W.