Sunday, July 26, 2009

Biggest Bronx Real Estate Deal of 2009

Crain's New York is reporting that Manhattan Beer is joining the wholesale bonanza down in Hunt's Point. In what's being hailed as the BoogieDown's largest real estate transaction of 2009 thus far, Manhattan beer has paid $20M for a warehouse on Leggett Avenue.

What Manhattan Beer wants to do in Hunt's Point is very much in line with what the meat, fish, and produce wholesalers of Hunt's Point already do: serve as a one stop shop for restaurants, specialty stores, and other food retail outlets.

Another aspect of Manhattan Beer's arrival that is making the community happy is the company's commitment to green renovation, sustainability, and delivery. In fact, Manhattan Beer already has a fleet of low-emission natural gas trucks to help achieve its green goals.

It's great to see companies investing in the Bronx, especially in this economic climate...


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Anonymous said...

Who are they? Do they have a track record? Do we know about more than their trucks? This sounds so good. Hope it's not too good to be true.