Monday, August 16, 2010

We Live in the Bronx, BUT...

An anonymous Bronx resident is all riled up about Bronxites getting the shaft in some aspects of life, and then not having the energy/balls/initiative to get off their asses to do anything about it. From what we can see so far it looks like the latest Bronx blog newcomer, entitled "We live in the Bronx, but..." will post problems and/or gripes, and then steps that Bronxites can take to move toward a solution.

Check out the blog here.



Anonymous said...

The first thing they should address is their self-hatred. I mean, being pissed that the "only place thy can afford" is the Bronx? Some of us choose to live here, rather than move here as a last resort.


cosign Anonymous!!!

Boogie Down or BE GONE.
I'm not even sure why this blog would endorse a blog that has more contempt than love for the borough (?).

I guess you have to be a lifelong resident to know what I mean.

Yes, we live in the Bronx BUT all of our elected officials are TRASH. ALL OF THEM. If you want to know why we have so many problems, look to the looting elected officials.

The garbage in the first picture looks like something a lazy City employee neglected to pick up.

Guywithacause said...

I would have to cosign on Anonymous above. I can't be on board with someone who is pissed off because all they can afford is the Bronx..and then complains how so many people destroy it. We know that there are only a few bad apples that mess things up for everyone else.

Can't be on board with that blog until they fix their attitude. Maybe that should be the first problem they solve: "I am pissed off I live in the bronx cuz it's all I can afford, but..." Solution: Be thankful you can afford to live anywhere. I am sorry it's all you can afford and you are "stuck" here..but I am very confident Greyhound will take you to 1,000 other places that you can also be pissed off about...please leave.

Until then...I'll pass. Boogiedowner, I think you should convey our concerns, and revoke your approval until their attitude changes.

Anonymous said...

And why won't they allow coments on their blog?

David Gonzalez said...

Esteemed Boogie Downers (and offspring!)

Good points raised by my Anonymous fellow mainlanders. I agree. Am put off by their "About" graf:

"Over-educated and pissed off that the only place I can afford to live is in the Bronx."

Over-educated? Then act it.

My wife and I have degrees from Columbia and Yale and we love living in the Bronx. Not that we go about comparing degrees with friends (and truth be told, those who know me know I'm way bigger on being a Hayesman!). But to claim you are over-educated and angry that you can "only" afford the Bronx is to show a glaring lack of education.

Would they feel as ashamed if they could afford a crib in Fieldston? Or would they still seethe, longing for the days of cramped apartments and narrow minds on the Upper West Side or Park Slope?

You tell me.



Anonymous said...

I see our "overeducated" blogger no longer refers to him as such. Granted, his (or her) attitude proved that modifier wrong.

Anonymous said...

Snotty or frustrated self-description aside... the blog actually looks like it's trying to do some good.

Maybe more tolerance by everyone.

We live in the Bronx but... we should all work together for positive change?

Anonymous said...

When someone's first impresson is they are "overeducated" and "pissed they can oly afford the Bronx" you tell me who needs to learn the lyrics to Kumbaya.

Taken toegther, those two descriptors sund to me like a not so subtle code.

Anonymous said...

How do you know it was their first impression? Kind of looks like it's where they ended up after getting frustrated.

And trying to do anything in the Bronx can be frustrating. Everybody complains, nobody does anything, then they complain when you try do so something!

Perhaps you'll have better luck improving this guy's outlook by reaching out. He might actually be helpful.

Always beating each other up just keeps us down.


We were The Bronx long before the Manahattan/Dumbo refugees started opening their eyes to all the Bronx has to offer. Beautiful parks, diversity, some of the best food in the five boroughs that will not bust your budget, art deco architecture, humongous apartments, great people and a whole lot of love if you don't act like WE owe YOU something.

Wipe your feet on the map of Manhattan before you step into mi casa Mr/Mrs. "We Live in the Bronx, BUT..." We are the Bronx and we don't want you here unless you know how to pay homage to the greatest borough of the FIVE.

People like Mr./Mrs. "We Live in the BRONX, BUT..." are just another reason why the POLS and powers-that-be treat THE BRONX like a third world country.

Look at our leaders...all crooks and do nothing lackeys...ALL OF THEM.

You'll never catch me on the best of days trying to offer an olive branch to someone who downs my borough and my PEOPLE.


Anonymous said...

Give me a break already! Suck it up, learn to live with your neighbors, and start trying to solve some real problems already.

It's this petty need to be one-up everytime you feel any slight disrepect that keeps the Bronx down.

JUST MY OWN OPINION is clearly in the wrong too. Nobody owes you any "homage" just because you've lived here a long time. A lot of us have lived here a long time. Some of us try to make the place better. Others treat it like a dump! I don't care if you just moved in or if you've been here for a whole 90+ year life, you have to EARN my respect.

That type of attitude that you're better because you've been here longer could sure explain why some new residents get frustrated. I can't say I blame them much.

But I expect better from them than the attitude "Oh, I just got stuck here because I can't afford something better" just like I expect better from people who have been here a long time and think that somehow means people should have to bow down before them.

It's this constant nonsense that keeps the Bronx down. Let's set it aside, and work together on some real problems already!

The Mayor of Melrose said...

I have to cosign as well with Anonymous (#1) as well as with David Gonzalez.

Do you know how many of my friends have come to love the Bronx and all that we have to offer? I also know for a fact that there are plenty of other neighborhoods in the city that are MUCH cheaper where they can move and maybe be a little happier...


JUST MY OWN OPINION is in the wrong according to you and whomever else wishes to agree with your dissent.

Fact is, many of us have been working to make the Bronx better WITHOUT complaining. When you are dedicated to a cause, you do so without complaining about your neighbors. PERIOD.

You must be the creator of the blog Anonymous. You see very defensive about my stance on transplants and whiners.

You can take your bag of bullsh-- with you when the door smacks you in the a-- also. Nobody is forcing you to live in the Bronx.

If you cannot appreciate the Bronx, don't live here. If you came here in ignorance not knowing the statistics, then boo-hoo for you. I find it hilarious that folks with fancy degrees and shallow pockets move to the BX thinking they should be able to snap their fingers and VOILA! things will change to make them happy. If you weren't happy to begin with, the BX isn't going to make you happy either.

Read up on what happened to the Bronx during and after the construction of the Cross Bronx Expressway, the problems with arson and greedy landlords, the politicians who did nothing to solve the many problems which were piling up like the bricks in Tetris.

The Bronx is a place you have to commit your heart and soul to. If you aren't cut out for dedication, you shouldn't live here. A blog does not make you dedicated to the problems, it makes you a whiner and complainer when you take pictures of the trash on the street.

Why not take a broom and a couple of heavy duty garbage bags and pick it up? Set an example for the young ones: EACH ONE TEACH ONE. Bette Midler did it. She set a fine example for folks. She didn't complain. SHE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. And she keeps DOING IT. That's dedication and devotion. Upper Manhattan was her target area, but her devotion caught on.

Lots of people are doing lots of things. Now its your turn. Are you going to rise to the occasion or sit and sulk about your big brains and broken budget that banished you to the Boogie Down?

How about BEFORE and AFTER photos? "This is what my hood looked like before I decided to do something about it..."

Its a lot easier than you think it is...and a simple call to 311 might make a world of difference as well.

Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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