Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grand Opening of Bottom Line Bar Today!

We received the following tip from BD Reader Jack this morning:
My neighborhood is suddenly becoming a hipster hangout. A new bar opens today on Bailey Ave at the corner of 238th, the Bottom Line. From walking by yesterday -- looks like they are trying not to be just a hole in the wall, or old man bar. They definitely dropped some coin on the digs. Not much on the net about the place -- just this awful My Space page --

My loyalty to the Bx Ale House will not be swayed -- but you objective bloggers may be required to check the place out and report to your readers.
Well, when it comes to tips that involve beer, we follow-up pretty quickly. Pearl and I took the long way home from Target today and passed the Bottom Line (Bailey Avenue at W. 238th Street).
It was looking cute all decked out for St. Paddy's Day and already had some customers enjoying some brews. From the looks of the place, it seems to be a bit more edgy than the Bronx Ale House (with which it will be compared frequently, as the two joints are located just around the corner from one another). There was really loud Irish rock playing and the interior was pretty dark, although I did spy some pretty darn comfy looking booths for seating. Apparently they will be serving food eventually, but the kitchen is not open as of yet.
Those of you who aren't 7.5 months pregnant and toting a 2 year old around should definitely go check the place out this afternoon - they are going to have food, bagpipers, and music by the band C.O.U.L.G. at 3pm this afternoon.



Michelle said...

It is good to see new businesses in my 'hood but I am cautiously optimistic about The Bottom Line. This is not the first bar in this location. The establishments in the past were pretty sketchy. The last place was I think called Tony's? Touchdown? Something like that. A patron was murdered out front and the bar was later shut down. Let's hope The Bottom Line stays out of trouble.

BronxIrishGrl said...

I have never felt safer in my neighborhood. I really hope people are able to put negative incidences behind them. I've been to The Bottom Line a few times now and I've had a blast drinking and dancing with my friends and talking to the bartenders. The security guards are great (not to mention enormous). I know this place will be great and hope to meet even more of my neighbors soon. :)

Anonymous said...

This bar is a dump. People outside screaming and fighting at 4am, college kids being served underage every Thursday night. It's a blight on the community, and is dragging down a street that was just opening up to new families and professionals.