Monday, August 31, 2009

Newly Opened Bronx Ale House is the Truth

Beer is the new least that's what the proprietors of the ridiculously awesome Bronx Ale House are saying with their panoply of artisanal and craft beers on tap and in bottles.We got a great tip from BD reader and fellow Fordham '02 alum, Pat, about this new beer mecca in the BoogieDown. We met up with Pat and a few other friends on Saturday after our surreal and rainy real estate trolley tour.

Bronx Ale House is on 238th street in Kingsbridge, just steps from the 238th street 1 train stop. We walked from Bedford Park, which is about a 20-25 minute walk, but man, was it worth it. We even ran into the Paping Soapbox Derby, which was recently displaced from Brooklyn, at Fort Independence Park on our walk, a strange little bonus.

First let me say that I even love the name of this place. They could have named it the Kingsbridge Ale House, or even (gasp!) the Riverdale Ale House, but they chose to embrace the borough as a whole - well done!

So on to the beer: they're all so good. There are all types of beers, from all regions. The Saturday afternoon special of $5 for every draft beer is a fantastic deal, especially when you realize how good these beers are and that some cost $7 normally. The missus indulged in some apricot flavored wheat thing and after some dancing around the beer menu I settled on a delicious Leffe.

You'd think that the place has spent so much time and money on beer, that the food would be lackluster, but that is just not the case. The food was extremely good as well. Pub grub is the fare, so don't expect some foo-foo risotto, but I think our table of 7 ordered almost all of the sandwiches on the menu and everyone was very pleased.

The atmosphere is friendly and neighborly. Everything is new and nice, and the exposed brick inside, with the establishment's name etched into it is pretty cool. It was also cool to run into some other familiar faces from the Bronx media and nonprofit world.

If I were forced to log one complaint, it would be for Bronx Ale House to become a little more kid friendly. By 5 or 6 o'clock, there were at least 5 children under 5 years old in the place, and nary a high chair or booster seat in sight. It seems like Bronx Ale House will have this weekend afternoon family crowd, so it would be nice to get a few high chairs, some cheesy white paper placemats, and crayons. (Or maybe we parents should get bar friendly and not take our littluns to the ale house?)

Bronx Ale House will be seeing a lot more of ErLu. It's well worth the walk from Bedford Park, and it's even worth the trip from Manhattan or Brooklyn, as evidenced by our friends' from the Upper West Side vow to return because the beer, food, and atmosphere is that good.

The Bronx Ale House is actually the only Bronx stop on the 2nd Annual NY Craft Beer Week September 11-19, so let's get out there and show our support.



Anonymous said...

**Or maybe we parents should get bar friendly and not take our littluns to the ale house?**


Anonymous said...

I was there as well Saturday night. Its a great place. Our party had a few kids (4-6 years old), and the Ale House staff was very accommodating, considering, you know, its a bar. I mean, the waitrons didn't don animal costumes and sing songs, but they kept the popcorn and extra napkins coming. As long as you clear your kids out early enough I think you are being bar friendly. Anyway, its a much-needed improvement on our side of the tracks.

Anonymous said...

Great place, and it seems like kids are welcome during the day, but when "Alehouse" is on the front door, don't go overboard by asking for high chairs. Kudos to the new spot.

Anonymous said...

Really? Really? Really? a bar? The only place you should have any expectations for kids is in a place with a kids menu. The bartenders have enough trouble babysitting drunk adults. You really expect them to care for actual infants?

This is clearly an adult establishment. The owners should be commended for letting kids in. Asking for high chairs is clearly going too far. If you want TGIFriday's, take your kids there. This is an independent business that is bringing something good and new to a neighborhood in the Bronx. Instead of whining about not having accomodations for infants, you should be applauding them.

RandomNY said...

I love the Alehouse, and will be making many the trek from Long Island to drink, eat and be merry.

Boogiedowner said...

Hey Anonymouses,

I think we're missing the point here. The kid thing was really just a very peripheral aspect of the post. The paragraph that mentions it starts "If I were forced to log one complaint". It was just a wee counter balance to my effusive praise for the place.

The Bronx Ale House was great, and on a Saturday afternoon at a place with good food, it's not so crazy to have the family out. I'm pretty sure that the owners like a full house of paying customers on a Saturday afternoon (even if those customers have some kids with them). It seems like a family friendly place and that's good.

It's not as if those of us with children had taken them to the old man bar that used to be there. It's kind of what makes BAH so cool: it's normal. nice, and neighborly.

Let's focus on the positive here - Bronx Ale House is very cool and worth heading to and patronizing.

Thanks for reading,

Jose L. Rodriguez said...

Thanks for the post! I was actually checking out the 2nd annual beerfest's calendar this past sunday and was surprised to learn that the Bronx Ale House even existed! I am a local to that venue and can't wait to try it out.
Thanks again!

Ron said...

After coming here last week I have nothing but good things to say. I'm so glad I found a review. Their isn't anything like this in the area and it is refreshing to see something so well put together. And the food was fantastic! I recommend the pulled pork! It was sloppy and delicious just the way it should be!

cutiepie company said...

Nice thanks for the post! Will be checking it out for sure.

Anonymous said...

The Boggie Down Bronx has a new birth and its name is Big Bronx Alehouse. Congrats on an establisment that will become home not only to the Bronx but all those that like fine beer, great food and friendly Staff.
Salud Dinero y Buena Suerte

Colm Magner said...

Yes please--no children. These parents are always ready to adopt the moral high ground when you complain about little Bobbie or Suzie's fighting, or indicate that you'd rather not have the two of them sneezing into your beer, or disturbing a brief moment of peace-by-the-fire-with-a-pint.

Next thing they'll be asking for a childrens playground in the corner named Ronald McDonald Land! IT'S AN ALEHOUSE you dweebs!!

Anonymous said...

I went over to the Bottom Line Ale House tonight, at the Facebook invitation of an old musician pal of mine, looked around for parking for 15 minutes. The big goon at the door actually asked me for ID. As if I didn't look over 21. i said "no problem". I showed it to him, & he said "no, I have to SCAN your driver license". I said," look guy, I'm 49 years old, & it says 1960 for my DOB". He said he was under orders to scan everyone's ID or they couldnt come in. I told him to take a hike. He told me to take a hike &of course since he was way bigger than me and in charge, I did. As i was leaving, 4 friends of mine who had arranged to meet me there (big drinkers, too, and hungry) pulled up & were also not into having their IDs scanned. So this jackass owner lost a little chunk of business tonight. I am so turned off my these f--kheads who want to play big brother &sell our sensitive data that's encoded on driver licenses to P.I. agencies &such. I dont think most patrons understand just how much privacy they're giving up by allowing this. the Bottom Line is: You have to give up your private data to patronize this place. SCREW THAT!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on March 27th--This is about Bronx Ale House not Bottom line bar. Two different and definitely non-comparable establishments. Go Bronx Ale House!!