Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Save the Botanical/Webster Avenue Post Office!

Please urge the Postal Service to save the Botanical/Webster Avenue location
from elimination by signing our petition below!

You've all probably heard the hub bub about the United States Postal Service looking to close budget gaps by closing post office locations around the country. Well, a whopping 7 of those locations up for possible elimination are right here in the BoogieDown. I know, I know... It's really hard to believe that the Postal Service can actually get any worse, but, alas, it can.

You can read all about the Postal Service's plans in this New York Times article.

Sadly, the Botanical Garden sub-station over on Webster Avenue between Bedford Park Blvd. and E. 201st Street may be one of the locations shuttered if we don't voice our outrage. The Bedford Mosholu Community Association has been circulating hard copy petitions around town, and we'd be pleased as punch if BD readers would get involved as well.

So, please join together with BoogieDowner and the Bedford Mosholu Community Association to urge the United States Postal Service to save the Botanical Garden/Webster Avenue location from possible elimination by signing the below petition.

Please note, you can check "anonymous" if you'd like your name to be kept confidential from the public. Also, you are asked to provide your home address for verification purposes, but only your City and State will be made public.

Click here to view and sign the petition, or simply add your name below.

Here's a copy of what will be sent to USPS, as well as our elected officials, once we've rounded up a decent amount of signatures:

We, the undersigned, object to the United States Postal Service's proposed plan to eliminate the Botanical Garden sub-station branch located at 2963 Webster Avenue (between Bedford Park Blvd. and E. 201st Street).

Our objections to the planned closing of the Botanical Garden post office are based on the grounds that the possible loss of this post office location would have extremely negative impacts on the residents and businesses in Bedford Park.

We urge the USPS to protect the mail services of the community of Bedford Park by ensuring the continued operation of the Botanical Garden/Webster Avenue sub-station.

We thank you in advance for your close attention to this matter.



Anonymous said...

This is more of a gripe than what you posted about this post office...but I live pretty close to the Botanical / Webster Post Office yet my packages and certified mail end up at a post office on E 188th off Third Ave. A trek! Any idea why? I live on E. 202nd and Valentine.

Boogiedowner said...

Yes, isn't that sooooo annoying?? Ours end up there too - I think it's just a main branch and they don't process stuff like that at these little satellite branches for some reason. But it's always such a hassle to get over to the main office - really long walk, and parking is horrible. Plus, just about every time I've been there, I've had to watch some sort of heated argument between people waiting in line, or customers fighting with Postal Service workers. It's a horrible branch in a horrible location.