Monday, July 27, 2009

Listing of the Day: Adolfo Carrion's Old Digs for Rent

620 City Island Avenue, 6 Bedrooms - $4,200/month

Now that Addie's off doing something in Washington (although no one is really quite sure what), he is trying to rent his opulent City Island pad for $4,200/month.

The craigslist ad BoogieDowner stumbled upon doesn't explicitly mention that it is Carrion's house, but there's only one "Former French B&B" on City Island and only one ex-Beep who used to reside in the aforementioned former French B&B.

From BoogieDowner's past jaunts on City Island Avenue, we can certainly affirm the house's party potential.

This is a little out of most BoogieDowner readers' budgets, but I heard it has a pretty sick catwalk...*wink*wink*



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