Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gustavo Rivera Endorsed By New Roosevelt Initiative and Other 33rd Tidbits

Sorry it has taken so long to post something today. A newborn and a 2.5 year old complicate blogging sometimes (let's be honest, they're kicking our asses today).

Kind of big news just breaking in the 33rd state senate race. The New Roosevelt Initiative has endorsed Gustavo Rivera. The Initiative, formed by Bill Samuels, is dedicated to remaking and reforming Albany. A press release and previous media stories make mention of $250K dedicated to ousting scandal-ridden and ethics-averse incumbent, Pedro Espada, Jr. That's a lot of cash. Mr. Samuels and the Initiative are even asking the other three challengers to step down:
"[...]I respectfully ask Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter, Mr. Padernacht and Mr. Tirado to make this sacrifice for the benefit of the residents of the Bronx and all of New York State. Together, unified, we can right this wrong and remove Pedro Espada from power.”
In other 33rd news:

Fernando Tirado is holding a fundraiser tonight (it actually just started at 7pm) at the Identity Bar and Lounge in Manhattan. We'll reach out to the campaign to let you know how it went.

And Westchester Pete was spotted in the Bronx. No linkage, just an eye witness sighting from the Missus, who saw Pedro rocking a dapper power suit in the lobby of our building (the same building in which he pretends to live). Just thought it was interesting to note because of the infrequency of Espada sightings in his primary residence.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing. It's great to finally have a clear front runner in this race.

I just read the entire press release from the NRI and it is incredibly well written. I do hope that Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter and the others agree to put their egos aside and step out of the race for the good of their community. Splitting the vote or taking away even just a few votes away from the strongest/best candidate would just be to the detriment of the 33rd district. I think Ms. Pilgrim-Hunter's reputation as a great community leader will not be hurt after this but if she becomes the Ralph Nader of this race, people will never forget.

Let's hope people do the right thing...for the sake of the 33rd district and for the sake of a new and improved democratic Albany.

100PercentBronx said...

Just wanted to know where in the 33rd Senate District is the New Roosevelt Initiative?
New Rochelle you say.
That's not in the 33rd senate district, so why would any of the candidates running in the 33rd listen to them.
Do we live in a dictatorship that coerces people to drop out of political races?
Finally what makes Mr. Rivera the front runner, when all the candidates are not known yet, and there are other dynamic candidates in the race including the incumbent.
Read my column in the Bronx News as I have interviewed three of the five and will try to interview the remaining two.

Anonymous said...

I'd hve to disagree with you, 100PercentBronx. This ta e is clearly not just about the 33rd district or the Bronx. If Espada's reign has shown us one thing, it's that one man in Albany can affect ALL of New York.

Luckily, in Mr. Rivera, it seems as though the district will gain a candidate who lives the in the means that most people of his district do, has a wealth of experience fighting for progressive causes and individuals, someone who is deeply invested in the education of our children and so much more. I think this is what made him the front runner. And this is why I have chosen to agree with Mr. Samuels and stand behind Mr. Rivera. We need Espada out and to replace him with a young, passionate progressive candidate is the right thing to do.

T. James

votetirado said...

This is embarrassing. Samuels is running this absurd ploy. There is no money.
Just like Jose Gustavo Rivera, Samuels is trying profit off of the Espada scandals.