Monday, July 19, 2010

Anonymous Tip From the Inbox

Here's something that floated into our inbox on Friday evening (with photo):

Just drove along Mosholu Pwky and saw all these signs placed into ground advertising apartments to rent. The signs tell you to text "SMP" to a number or call 718-432-2222. I thought this might be Padernacht's family business because they go by SMP Realty. I used reverse look up at and confirmed it is his family:

SMP Realty Group Corp


3605 Sedgwick Ave

Bronx, NY 10463-6039

(718) 432-2222

Anyway- they all appear to be on Parks property so these regs apply

Unlawful posting of notices or signs
  1. No person shall post, display, affix, construct or carry any placard, flag, banner, sign or model or display any such item by means of aircraft, kite, balloon or other aerial device, in, on, or above the surface of any park for any purpose whatsoever without a permit issued by the Commissioner. Each separate item placed in violation of this section shall constitute a separate violation.
I guess someone should ask SMP Realty if they have a permit?



Anonymous said...

Oh the Padernachts never cease to amuse. If you want to talk unlawful, just go through Dan's petitions. It's got fraud written all over it. But what can you expect from someone who is a plant for Espada in the state senate race.

Anonymous said...

What's even more amusing is the utter ignorance exhibited by this blog and its ANONYMOUS posters. Funny thing is that no one involved with the Padernachts is trying to pull the wool over anyone else's eyes - no one is duping Bronxites into signing petitions or paying for votes like SOME individuals running for the Senate seat. Do your research. Mr. Padernacht isn't a plant. Perhaps you should read some recent articles from REAL publications.
Furthermore, its foolish to attack people you don't even know - good people who have a long, honest history in their neighborhood.
Good job on your stellar journalism. Real hard hitting news you've got here. Congratulations on receiving the attention your sad little blog so desperately screams for :-)

Anonymous said...

um, wow to whoever wrote the last post. Not sure what was so bad about what BD posted...

Anonymous said...

Seems Anonymous of 7/19 at 9:11 completely confused the BD post with the comment by the first Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Readers, do us all a favor: when you see these illegal signs along the roadside, pick it up and throw it in the trash.

and justice for all said...

Padernacht is an Espada tool?

That explains why the Amalgamated posted Padernacht campaign materials in the glass announcement cases of Amalgamated buildings. Espada has been handing out free food to Amalgamated residents in front of Vladeck Hall for the past few years. Seems to be a cozy secret relationship between the Amalgamated and Espada. Donowitz isn't speaking out enough. Not sure if Padernacht is, in fact, a tool. But if he is a tool, Dinowitz tried to convince him to step out of the race...unless that was just a false story.

Did anyone see Padernacht people putting those signs in the grass? I, personally, will vote for Gustavo Rivera.

By the way, politicians and Diapers are similar - they should be changed frequently and for the same reason.