Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And Then There Were Three...

...Bronx News Network is reporting that Desiree Pilgrim Hunter has pulled out of the 33rd district state senate race.

Daniel Padernacht, Fernando Tirado, and Gustavo Rivera are the three candidates still trying to get on the ballot to unseat the ethical midget that is incumbent, Pedro Espada Jr.



Anonymous said...

Great job in hounding her and allowing a platform for vitriol and antagonism. To be honest I was privy to her weaknesses and was told by insiders she most likely would have to withdraw....weeks ago, none the less I was inspired by her effort in the face of her physical and financial obstacles. In trying she won my respect, was she qualified, was she misrepresenting her disability? Debateable...but what is not debatable is the wolf in sheeps clothing that Boogiedowner has shown itself to be. My point is not to cry foul, but to request Boogiedowner stop with the cutesy feel good facade, this blog has changed tone and community building seems less than priority here. I wish Boogiedowner well in it's new role as th Fox News of the Bronx.


Anonymous said...

Bree, you may want to review the situation again.

Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter has been the primary source of vitriol in our community for years. She consistently brought in paid staff from outside our community to organize disruptions at meetings. Her people shouted down anybody in the community with a viewpoint different from her own.

She bragged about her "community empowerment" while her organization made false accusations that people who wanted the Armory were all being "paid off" by Related.

Now, when reasonable questions surfaced about her own inconsistent, and seemingly false, claims about her ability to work, she did not answer openly and honestly. Instead, she resorted to using her supporters to attack people with legitimate questions that she should have addressed before anybody even had to ask.

Some of the comments in the discussion may have been a little "mean spirited." I wish everyone was a little more respectful, but again, most of that was really sparked by her campaign's hostile response to an important question about her qualifications as a candidate.

Blaming the Boogiedowner for Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter's embrace of nasty politics is unfair and just not right. Much of the tone in our community today is the direct result of Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter's "leadership" in debating the Armory.

I have to say the Boogiedowner made a good effort to stick to the facts on an important question despite the nasty accusations that came out of her campaign.

Hopefully Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter will learn from this experience. It seems to be the first time she had anybody really criticize her, and it was only a fraction of the nastiness she has aimed at others over the past few years. It's not like anybody "ordered a hit" on her all NWBCCC style!

Perhaps being on the receiving end of a little criticism will make her understand how counter-productive her nasty tactics really can be. Hopefully she can become more of a working partner, and less of a beligerant antagonist in our community.

Faithful BxDem said...

Yorman and now Desiree. Another one bites the dust. Hey, anyone know whats with this Ricardo Concepcion Clown?....Anyone Know?....

Guywithacause said...

Boogiedowner....thanks for the hardwork and uncovering the scam. I guess she thought her disability check was worth saving rather than actually having to work. And this is who people were supporting? She gives up already? A simple open and honest discussion would have educated us about her situation, and why she believed she could work and be disabled. We all wanted to know, yet she chose to accuse and condemn.

I am sure she is not done though...there is no doubt she will "work hard" to crush other such positive investments in the community. R.I.P. Kingsbridge Armory.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment that the blog has changed in its content and its tone. The latter, the "vitriol and antagonism," are not helping the image of BD or of the Bronx residents who get involved in the snarky dialogue. It also doesn't help when BD gets sarcastic with those who don't agree with them. They should remember that sarcasm is the weapon of the weak.

Guywithacause said...

Don't listen to the naysayers Boogiedowner. The Bronx has no shortage of small minded simpletons that rather hurl attacks/scream racism and other insults rather than use their brains to discuss, understand, and debate. It is the Bronx way...and perpetuated from the top down (see Espada, Desiree).

You are a BLOG, not CNN, and as such you put forth questions, opinions, and topics for debate, NOT simply regurgitate headlines.

I give alot of credit to the Boogiedowner for posing great questions, exposing untruths, and providing a forum to discuss and get the message across to all Bronx residents. I think the Boogiedowner was an intergral part of getting Espada exposed (or at least helping get the word out about this scheister), and also helped expose Desiree as well.

And for that I salute you, and due to your excellent blog and commitment to the Bronx, we may actually get a representative that can be more honest and a positive for the community. Thanks Boogiedowner.

anthony rivieccio said...

Let me follow up on that last post:

If Boogiedowner is NOT CNN.................Then how did they get (what I thought was ) Private Information???

While I am also veered in my thoughts about collecting disability checks while running for office-THERE IS NO DOUBT, that while not perfect---she was and is a viable community leader in The NorthWest Bronx.
The other candidates (who collectivly I think might have lived in the 33rd for a total of 10 years) DONT EVEN KNOW our area, our issues.Yes, much like the owners of Bogiedowner

Thus, yes, IT IS SHOCKING that a neighborhood blog (with new residents) would attack with private information-a long standing community leader.

But as Boogiedowner will do, they will support one of their own: Someone who is just using this area to run: No Not Pedro Espada (From Soundview), No Not Fernando Tirado (from Queens)----Gustovo Rivera.......(who is from NYS political land)

SHANME ON YOU BOOGIEDOWNER!!!...Like I said in earier posts: If you would conon your new mandate: Taking Care of Mosholu Parkway as promised by your new community group, and stop concentrating on political needs from the neighborhood that you just moved in to---then we would not have: 99 BBQ Fires, 89 Pales of Garbage and many other current and disgusting things happening on Mosholu Parkway...YES ITS THE PARKWAY...Not The Mosh....Preserve the Neighborhood.....not trying to change it

Boogiedowner said...

Stop and think about how crazy you sound. The information was provided to BoogieDowner by the Pilgrim-Hunter campaign (i.e. it wasn't some private information we dug up by dishonest means).
You just make things up about the Mosh. Where do you come up with these numbers? FOMP has had one event and it was 3 weeks ago (and it was cleaned up at the end of the event, no matter what you have created and fabricated in your mind). FOMP is not responsible for how all of our neighbors use the Mosh; the people who use the Mosh are responsible for their own behavior.
The Pilgrim-Hunter campaign officially stated that the BD post about disability had nothing to do with he decision to bow out; I take the campaign on its word.
If it did play a role (as you seem to think), was the issue really something minor? If there is nothing at all wrong with her situation, why would a blog post pointing our something that is legal and innocent have any effect?
And your claim about BD and its writers being NEW is getting pretty tired. We've been here for over three years, we're involved, we write a successful blog and we are here to stay. Deal with it. When will we stop being NEW?
We are voters that wanted to know some answers about a person who wanted our vote. We were dissatisfied with the answers. We have a right as concerned voters to ask these questions.
Your comments prove to be more and more incoherent each time you post comments of the various blogs your frequent. If BD is that offensive to you, we would hope that you stop reading.

russ said...


An unqualified senate candidate who was possibly falsifying her welfare claims couldn't handle the "pressure" of being asked for clarification on the issue and had to quit.


Let's blame a blog because I'm too ignorant accept the fact the the candidate I like was at best not ready to be a politician or at worst committing welfare fraud.



Guywithacause said...

Boogiedowner, commons sense, logic, and deductive reasoning are lost on many people, especially in the Bronx. They only know how to deflect, give excuses, and blame others for their own problems, and that's thank in large part the tone set by our elected officials over the past 40 years.

Whether you just moved here 2 days ago, or have been here 300 years, you have just as much right as anyone else to ask, inquire, question and investigate anyone that is running for public office, especially when they are using rhetoric, misinformation, and accusations to squash any attempt to do so!

Maybe if these "locals" were as involved and held their elected officials as accountable as you do, we would have never had any of these problems in the first place. Keep up the good work, and don't be discouraged by the crazies/lunatic fringe (even if they seem like they are everywhere).

I have always thought that in the Bronx you are doing something right if people attack you/call you racist/names/hurl accusations, and it proves itself correct everytime.

Keep up the good work!

100PercentBronx said...

So let me get it straight BD you moved in to the area and the same building as Senator Perdro Espada Jr. did at just about the same time.
Also the name of that wonderful roadway is Mosholu Parkway not some mish mosh that you call it.

Guywithacause said...

100%Percent, you should be more concerned that alot of 'locals' can barely pronounce Mosholu correctly, let alone spell it. And since you are so averse to using shortened names, the name of this wonderful BLOG is Boogiedowner, and not some "BD" nonsense you call it.

I give "The Mosh" name a Bronx Thumbs UP!

Anonymous said...

She was overwhelmingly unqualified to be a state senator. I think that interview with the Bronx News Network is what finally put the nail on the coffin. There she clearly illustrated just how unaware in incapable she is to do what a state senator does.