Monday, May 10, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

One blogger's perception of life here in the BoogieDown (or "the urban equivalent of Appalachia," as she refers to the Bronx and the other outer boroughs) []
BD Note: As devout cheerleaders of the Bronx, the ole BD had quite a strong reaction to this piece about the Bronx. The author of the piece is a transplanted Manhattanite and the title of the first section of her blog post is "From Mecca to Slum." After pretty much bitching and moaning about the poverty, crime, and overall shittiness that apparently surrounds her "hidden oasis" coop building (complete with 24-hour security guards!), the blogger goes onto to say she enjoys "slumming it in the Bronx" because her money goes a lot farther here. Here's how she ends the piece:
So in short, we get a kick out of bargain hunting, anywhere from the local Rite Aid to the grocery stores, clothing stores, shoe outlets, 99 cent stores, and so on. It really is a rush to save money especially in these tough times, and a limited budget which has to stretch as much as possible. Living below one's means with some money in the bank for a rainy day is a good practice for anyone, from low to high income. So let the naysayers warn about the dangers of the area. I say, "Viva la Bronx!"

I'm baffled. How could someone complain so much about the state of the Bronx only to close their piece saying they don't want it to change? My head hurts.
The Silver Fox has all this week's juicy Bronx political gossip [Daily News]

A profile of New York Botanical Garden's new Emily Dickinson exhibit entitled "The Poetry of Flowers."

Westchester Square Hospital, a small medical facility near Jacobi Medical Center and the Weiler Division of Montefiore Medical Center, has filed a 5-year plan to reorganize and hopefully remain open [Daily News]

Parkchester will have a party around the Metropolitan Oval on Saturday to celebrate its 70th birthday [Daily News]

Children and teens involved in New Settlement Apartments' youth programs have raised $12,500 for Haiti [BxNN]

An online guide to all the upcoming Bronx Week events [Norwood News]

Monroe College Online will host a Bronx Week event to show adult students how they can attain a college degree while working and taking care of their families []


Russ said...

Where did you drag up that turd of an article? Please keep showing "Elvira" what a real blogger does —

Also I love it when someone says "Not to bring race into the picture, but. . ." and then does just that.

Lisa said...

Definitely had to post a response to that ridiculous blog article. The nerve of her acting as though she is gracing the Bronx with her presence.

jose said...

Lisa, your comment on her blog summed up everything I was thinking when reading that piece. I just find it difficult to believe that someone (even "Elvira") could be so out of touch that they think writing a blog like that is somehow a good thing.

Guywithacause said...

I don't think her blog is as bad as some people say (and I posted why on her blog), but I do believe she is totally ignorant to NYC's history, it's changing demographics, and the reality of the Bronx 50+ years ago (pre-people of color that is). Although she likes to think she is nothing like 'all these people', the reality is ..she is just like much of the residents that have moved to the Bronx in the last 100 years: priced out of somewhere else/looking for somewhere more affordable to live. Welcome to the Bronx..YOU ARE ONE OF US. Sleep tight.