Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Nearly 200 paddlers came out for the 11th Annual Bronx River Flotilla this past Saturday [broadwayworld.com]

Adolfo Carrion Jr. is stepping down as President Obama's urban czar to take a lesser position as regional director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development where he'll oversee federal housing operations for NY and NJ [Daily News]

The Silver Fox has all of this week's juiciest Bronx gossip, including a shout out to the recently formed Friends of Mosholu Parkway [Daily News]
BD Note: Thanks for the love, Kappy! Just a quick note... we are just two of a few individuals who are looking forward to establishing Friends of Mosholu Parkway as a strong advocate of the 'Great Lawn of the Bronx,' and there's always room for more! Please contact us at boogiedowner at gmail.com if you are interested in joining FOMP. Also, please get in touch with us if you or one of your artistically inclined friends would like to perform at our acoustic music gathering on June 19th. More here...
People accused of felonies and tried in the Bronx were found guilty only 43% of the time last year, which is the lowest conviction rate in NYC in 22 years [Wall Street Journal]

Westchester Square merchants claim that not only are traffic enforcement agents hogging all the street parking in the area, but that they don't even bother to feed the meters [Daily News]


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