Monday, May 3, 2010

Friends of Mosholu Parkway - Calling All Musicians (And Neighbors)

A few folks have decided to form a group to help protect, promote, and beautify one of Bedford Park's and Norwood's most prized public possessions - the vast verdant greenery of the Mosholu Parkway.

To this end the Friends of Mosholu Parkway community group has been established and is seeking active members to help with the aforementioned goals of protecting, promoting, and beautifying 'the Great Lawn of the Bronx.'

As a way to spread the word about Friends of Mosholu Parkway and to bring the communities that surround this jewel of the northern Bronx together, we are trying to get together a low key acoustic music gathering on June 19th.

We need volunteer bands, singers, musicians, and poets to perform. The only restrictions are that the material be family friendly, that there is no need for amplification, and that you're willing to play/sing/recite/dance for free. Please email the ole BD with any inquiries or interest.

Even if you're not an artist, you should still come out to enjoy the greenery, your neighbors, and the mellifluous acoustic music that (hopefully) will fill the summer air. This event should start at 2pm, so picnics are fine, but NO BBQs (That's kind of a pet peeve of the Friends of Mosholu Parkway!). Hopefully this will be the beginning of a very vibrant, active, and effective group and the first of many family-oriented programs brought to 'the Great lawn of the Bronx.'

If you would like to be included on the Friends of Mosholu Parkway email list to receive information about future meetings or events, please contact ErLu at

Please be sure to join Friends of Mosholu Parkway's Facebook page as well.



Melissa said...

June 19th is also the day of the 2010 Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

anthony rivieccio said...

Of course, I want you wish you the very best of luck and success with your new organization, and as such, we want very much to espound on your hard work by helping to promote your activities.

But please note that, for decades before, many community groups, from The Bedford Mosholu Community organization in the 1950's, to BMCA in the 1970's, to NWBCCC in tne 1980's to "Orginal Friends of Mosholu parkway" in the 1990's---to even today, our organization (Bronxites for Parks) in the 2000's, we gently remind that The Parkway is a federal Mandated Highway-----not offical parkland---but park space---surrounded by a Highway.

Of course, for 100 years, residents of both Bedford park & Norwood have enjoyed its richness----from Webster---to as far West---to Van Courtlandt!

and while today's space might suggest to be liberal with picnics and entertainment events, please note that other groups have asked and got appoved a CB 7 have Police patrol Mosholu parkway Sat & Sun from 12-4PM and for parks to have NO BBQ we, as community organizations, still must be vilgant---to these issues.

On that note, thank you for sharing our 100 year old struggle---to have a beautiful parkway---to be maintained for the next 100 years----