Monday, January 31, 2011

Tribute to late NY State Senator Guy Velella

Many of you probably heard of the recent passing of former NY State Senator Guy Velella. As per the multiple articles circulating, he died of complications from lung cancer Thursday. Mr. Velella represented the 34th State Senate District for 28 years. As a resident of his district, during much of the time he held the position, I want to offer a small tribute to my former NY State Senator who advocated for my betterment. He was always seen at community events or just walking to his office in Liberty Plaza on Williamsbridge Road. He might have even been one of a few dignitaries at my Eagle Scout Ceremony years ago.

Here is a quote from Dostoyevsky about prayer I find appropriate;

"Every time we pray, if your prayer is sincere, there will be new feeling and new meaning in it which will give you fresh courage and you will understand that prayer is an education."

Much like Senator Guy Velella advocated for the 34th State Senate District and all NYS residents, I assume many of us would do the same for one of our own. This time, not with votes but a simple heart felt prayer. Maybe Dostoyevsky was right and it might do us and the community at large some good.

Above is the Baychester Little League score board purchased with funds secured by the former State Senator. Below is a sign that has fallen into disrepair honoring the former State Senator as well.

Even though I have been very liberal in keeping all comments up, even if negative against me, I will not tolerate a negative comment about the dead especially during his period of penance. All negative comments will be erased. Former St. Senator. Velella; My you rest in peace.



Guywithacause said...

Hmm...if you throw up an article and comment on it, nobody else is allowed to unless they agree with you? I respect the dead as much as anyone, but I don't like the road you are going down with "I will post this, and say that, and I will delete any negative comments."

This blog is about the Bronx, the good, the bad and the ugly...and we should be able to have open dialogues and express our agreement/disagreements/positives/negatives, and if you believe an article/comment you post should only have positive comments and there is no place for anything else, then it is a betrayal to what this blog is all about.

If you don't want a differing opinion than yours, or want to restrict comments to only positives, then it's better not to post it in the first place.

The Mayor of Melrose said...

BoogieDowner: You have utterly lost all my respect.

Regardless of whatever this late state senator may have done for the good, there is the long standing issue of all the harm and bad he did. He was and will be remembered as one of the reasons why the corrupt bronx political machine is damaging our borough.

Using your logic then we shouldn't say anything about Hitler, either?

Boogiedowner said...

I am not saying he was a Saint. I also don't think any of us are Saints. But we do like to throw stones. What I am saying is he did some good. That's why I posted the photos.

In addition, Senator Valella was of Italian American decent so I assume he was Catholic. I also believe the Catholic Church has the same death rituals as the Greek Orthodox Church. We are similar churches. We follow the ritual of praying for the dead for 40 days. During this time period the prayers are supposed to help the soul enter Heaven. What I am saying is respect his culture much like you expect everyone to respect your culture and give him his 40 days. We all know what he was guilty of. We heard it a thousand times. Let's take a second and remember what he did that was good. We are a public that want bloods and vengeance. What type of a leader would aspire to govern such people? Do we get what we are? We ask for statesman not politicians but what are we to expect when we can't even give the dead their 40 days. Give him his 40days.

I am not deleting different opinions. I have not deleted anything yet but if I get a comment that does disrespect the dead during their 40 days I will. It's not about me and what I want, it's about culture. Without culture were animals. Give him his 40 days. It's a simple request.

Espada is alive and hopefully he will pay for his transgressions like Velella already has. Turn the page.

Anonymous said...

Right on mayor and guy...i miss the old boogiedowner site :-(

Boogiedowner said...

Valella is not comparable to Hitler. This is silly. Acording to your logic we should have no compassion for anyone convicted of a crime.


Guywithacause said...

Maybe it would have been better to reserve this article/posting after the 40 days have passed?

I agree in principle with the Mayor...I am sure Saddam Hussein (for example) has given out gifts to young kids and even built homes for the poor, etc., but I don't think that means he was a good leader and should be honored, or that we should concentrate on the good he did and ignore the rest out of respect or courtesy.

And now we are supposed to be respecting a 40 day silence because you say so or the church mandates it? The catholic church is running this blog now?

I dunno Boogiedowner...I am worried about the future of this blog. The Boogiedowner was a place where articles of importance to the Bronx and its residents were posted and the Boogiedowner gave their take, and then discussions began/evolved/grew, sometimes peacefully, oftentimes emotionally. Discussions were always open to positive and negative comments, as that is what made the blog so great. It wasn't about a venue to push their own business, they didn't set rules based on their religious beliefs, and they didn't discourage dissent.

Maybe you have a different view for the blog, and that's ok. But it won't be the Boogiedowner we have grown to love.

The Mayor of Melrose said...

For once, I agree with Guywithacause...

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether State Senator Guy Velella was Catholic, but I do know that the Roman Catholic Church attaches no particular significance to prayers offered during the the first 40 days after a person's death. In the Roman Catholic Church, prayers for the dead hold the same weight whether they are offered during the first day after a person's death or years later. Catholics believe that a person's soul is immediately judged and that prayers may help a soul reach heaven. However, these prayers are not limited to the first 40 days, nor do the hold extra weight during this time.

I respect the Greek Orthodox belief that the 40 days after a person's death hold a particular significance, and I respect BoogieDowner's desire to pray for Velella during this time. However, if Mr. Velella was a Catholic, that would not have been something that was part of his culture. That's not to say Velella wouldn't have appreciated the prayers or the practice, just that it would not have been part of his religious tradition.

Anonymous said...

And the comments keep on getting deleted...the boogiedowner has become a disgrace...this is the most appalling case of censorship on a platform that used to be a free for all discussion on anything...

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. This isn't a blog anymore. It's a soapbox for an illiterate boob.

Anonymous said...

Hail Guy Velella, he did great things for the people.