Thursday, November 20, 2008

'House in a Box' Delivered to the Bronx

Okay, when we first read about these things they seemed a bit depressing to us, but after reading Fred Bernstein's New York Times' piece about prefabricated houses, we kinda want to order one ourselves.

Mr. Bernstein tells the story of long-time Bronx residents, Regina and Bill Morengo, who lived in a 900-square-foot bungalow right on the water in Locust Point. They wanted more space, but refused to leave their picturesque location. They didn't have any space to build out, and the foundation of their home couldn't support the addition of another floor. So what to do?

They decided to order a prefabricated house, which was constructed in a factory in Pennsylvania and was shipped to them in two 18-ton boxes. Their old home was demolished, and the boxes containing the new home were dropped into the site with a crane. The whole thing was over in a few hours, and a contractor worked for only three weeks various "finishing touches," such as installing decks and a new sound system.

Like we said, the thought of having a home which was made in a factory kinda depressed us at first. But then we saw the photos... Holy crap - the place looks like heaven on earth, right here in the BoogieDown. But don't think heaven comes cheap - the project cost over half a million dollars when all was said and done.

Click here for the full story.

*Photos courtesy of Laurie Lambrecht for The New York Times*


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