Friday, April 23, 2010

Round'em Up (Updated)

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Cuomo has subpoenaed the records of ten Senate staffers with ties to Espada's SoundviewHeathCare Network [Daily News]
BD Note: This article also points out that Espada received his first subpeona from Cuomo two months before the leadership coup he plotted took place - so there goes Espada's theory that this investigation is a politically motivated 'witch hunt.'
Espada may be running out of steam due to all these investigations - he's now resorted to simply calling Cuomo a "bully" [ via Daily News' Daily Politics]

David Gonzalez provides us with an update on the ongoing unraveling of a new religious social service agency supposedly being established in Brooklyn by Rev. Isrido Bolanos, a shady pastor who promised hundreds of Latino evangelical Christians around the city positions with a salary of $65,000, a new Lexus, and the opportunity to buy a church building for $1 [New York Times here and here]
BD Note: Rev. Isribo Bolanos even promised one man a position which paid $11,000/month. The would-be employee believed the job was legit because Bolanos has been saying that he received a grant from World Vision, an international relief agency. These promises of big fat paychecks and free Lexuses should have been the first warning flag that Bolanos was a con artist - everybody knows that only Pedro Espada Jr. makes that kind of bank working in the non-profit world.
Update: Just received the following clarifications from David Gonzalez, the writer of the above mentioned pieces: "The Lexus, $5K and buildings were promised only to a small circle of pastors who were his "Executive Council." Also, the man I used as my lead, Mr. Malagon, was offered $11K/month as the combined salaries for him, his wife and his daughter.

A fact-finder has substantiated claims that an assistant principal at Bronx High School of Science harassed members of the math department [Riverdale Press]

Loyal patients of Espada's Soundview HealthCare Centers say that although they've noticed some signs of shabbiness in the clinics lately, it would be a huge loss to the community should they be shut down [New York Times]

'Greening the Ghetto' efforts are still alive and well 10 years after Sustainable South Bronx was established in order to fight for environmental justice in the South Bronx [NY1]

The Silver Fox made an appearance on this week's BronxTalk to discuss all the goings on in local politics [BxNN]


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