Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up for you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

Pedro Espada Jr. is "losing no sleep" over the most recent accusations being brought against him by federal investigators [Daily News' Daily Politics, and more on Espada over at nbcnewyork.com, BxNN]

The Silver Fox has all this week's juicy political gossip, including news that Carmen Baez (former City Councilwoman Maria Baez's daughter) was fired from her position of deputy clerk in charge of the Bronx marriage license bureau...The City's Dept. of Investigation is said to be looking into allegations related to possible theft of time, job performance, and residency issues. [Daily News]

The new Bronx Family Justice Center has opened on 161st Street to provide assistance to women who are the victims of both physical and emotional abuse [NY1]

Spring programming, including walking tours, outdoor concerts, and lectures, is up and running at Woodlawn Cemetery [Daily News]

Tiki Barber has backed out of hosting the 2nd Annual 'Run for the Wild' event to benefit endangered tigers because of the negative publicity surrounding his recent affair with a 23 year old that has lead to a split with his wife of 11 years (who is super pregnant with twins!) [Daily News]

The MTA says it will not implement any additional measures in order to bust fare-beaters along the Bx12 Select Service bus route [Daily News]

Bronxites are frustrated by how long it is taking the DOT to fill huge potholes that are causing dangerous driving conditions [Daily News]



Anonymous said...

Thanks MTA, I'll pay my fare, I promise.

Jack said...

Can you guys confirm that all is quiet in your neighbor's apartment late at night? Is he really losing no sleep? No sounds of pacing or lights and TV on at 2am?

Oh wait, he doesn't actually live in your building -- how could I forget?

Marcia Kramer needs to head up to Mamaroneck to check things out.

Anonymous said...

Marcia Kramer has done the checking - here in the Bronx and in Mamaroneck. It's the Governor, the Senators, the AG, the Democrats, and all the others who are most likely being paid off to look the other way. How many times have we heard that Pedro is under investigation? If Marcia knows, the politicians should know.
If she knows more than those doing the so-called investigation, what hope is there for us?

Anonymous said...

AG Cuomo just stepped up: