Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diaz to Espada: Step Down

Pablo Guzman from CBS-2 News has this little chestnut in a recent report:
Ruben Diaz Jr. is the Bronx borough president. He's Democrat, like Espada. Except now he thinks the time has come for Espada to get off the stage.

"I think that when you have such a cloud over your head, I think that he should seriously think, and consider taking care of these problems right now, and maybe stepping aside," he told CBS 2.
We're sure Rubencito's suggestion that Espada step down has nothing to with the latter's suggesting that the former's job should be eliminated to help close the state's massive budget hole. Here's an idea for closing the budget: don't steal $14,000,0000.


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Native New Yorker said...

I agree. I also believe that it is time that Espada gets the boot.