Monday, December 14, 2009

Round'em Up

Here are some Bronx-related stories which we've rounded up you, our lovely readers, while trolling the interweb with our horse and lasso this fine morning:

This week's 'Living In' focused on Art Deco deals to be found along the Grand Concourse [New York Times]

A man who holds various Bronx properties is bemoaning problems that have prevented him from developing a Morris Park site...the site used to be a mansion which he knocked down once he began losing too much money [New York Times]

Westchester Square residents angry as the City sends more homeless families to live in their area [New York Times]

Shell has opened up their 3rd hydrogen station for pollution-free fuel cell electric vehicles right here in the BoogieDown [AutoBlogGreen]

A retrospective on the Kingsbridge Armory on decision day [BxNN]

Bronx pols introducing bill in City Council to force developers who accept city subsidies to guarantee a living wage for any jobs that are created [Daily News]

Bronx Dems continue to disappoint with recent news that they most likely won't be trotting anyone out to oust Pedro Espada [City Hall Daily]

Hooded mergansers (small ducks with crests at the back of their heads) are spotted in the Bronx River [Bronx River Education]



Anonymous said...

Really, Espada is the best The Bronx has? Can't find anyone else fit for the job? I feel sorry for us all.

Anonymous said...

My heart also breaks for the Bronx when the best person we can put forward in certain areas are people the likes of Espada. Who allegedly does not even live in the district.
NYS Senate may be at one of the most dysfunctional periods of it's time. Some of the Leaders in my opinion leave a lot to be desired. The sad part is that there are many people in the Bronx who would do a great job but those people can make more money in the private sector with less of the hassle. Not to mention you have to spend 6 Months out of the year and 3-4 days out of the week in Albany.
I also feel that because of the dysfunction and lack of leadership in Albany we may even loose one or two of the good guys, because I'm sure they are getting fed up with looking bad and not getting things done.
Poor Duane has felt betrayed by a few in his own Party.
Albany needs fresh, new, honest and progressive blood. Unfortunately I don't think were are going to get it and were going to get more of the same old, same old. Disconnected leaders who's self interests outweigh those of the voters who put them in office.
I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Thanks Anonymous #2. I can't believe I forgot that Espada doesn't even live in the community he represents. The TV news exposée showing him hiding from the cameras in his Mamaroneck home just flashed back into memory- Silly me. Espada is hoping the rest of his constituents have a short memory like mine. Lets hope enough voters have a better memory come next election, especially since I now hear in the media that he has the backing of our local princes and jesters. Thats the problem, regular working voters don't have the time to keep track of these creatures and their flip/flop hand-in-pocket deals.
I can't stand straight ticket voters, it's a suckers game.

Guywithacause said...

Unfortunately you can't really get what we would consider effective or "good" elected officials, because they would never be elected.

If you want to run a platform of lies, misinformation, and the blame game, you will win easily. Hence, why we have these laughable elected officials making a mockery of the system.

If you run a platform based on actually addressing the real issues of the Bronx, holding people accountable for their actions/inactions, and make the tough decisions to improve the community but no doubt making highly connected and deep pocketed self-serving interests unhappy, you will NEVER win (many groups will see to it you don't).

This is why those, like myself, would NOT run for an elected office. As a "regular" citizen, you don't have to answer to anyone/any group, there is no group that has the power to silence you or remove you from any office, and you can say/do what is in the best interest of your community without having to worry/pander to voters/donors/your party.

If you are relying on these elected officials to actually do anything for the community, don't waste your time. They are simply part of the corrupt system and an obstacle, not a facilitator. Become active in your own community, rally people to important causes and concerns that are important to you and your community, and get them done with or without the "assistance" of local officials. That is the ONLY way to affect real change.

Anonymous said...

Guywithacause, I agree with much of what you said. We desperately need some leaders from the grassroots representing our real interests. People that haven't been fully corrupted yet. This should be done across the state come election day. It is necessary, vote the bums out (those that haven't been arrested or shamed out of office). I understand the cyclical nature of politics, and when more and more people are sick of their leaders, change happens, however slow it may be.

jose said...

I disagree guywithacause, the problem with politicians is that there isn't anyone out there willing to mount a serious challenge to these people. Too often people think why bother, so and so will simply win again, and its that defeatist attitude that has kept the Bronx stuck with the Diaz Srs, and Espadas for far too long.
Anonymous # 2, we really need term limits in the state senate.