Friday, August 29, 2008

Urban Plunge Out and About

Our "Listing of the Day" today was so convincing that we decided we needed to to take a stroll down the Grand Concourse/Kingbridge Road area today to check the hood out.

We were happily surprised when we arrived at Poe Park and saw a group of about 15 volunteers scraping and repainting the gate around the historic Edgar Allan Poe Cottage. The volunteers were part of Fordham University's "Urban Plunge" program, which exposes freshmen to all sorts of great community service projects in the neighborhoods surrounding Fordham.

The students also volunteered this morning with Women in Need, Inc., an organization which provides housing, help, and hope to New York City women and their families who are homeless and disadvantaged.

As a past "Urban Plunge" volunteer, it was extremely inspiring to see the program still going strong a full decade later (geez, I'm getting old...). Keep up the good work Urban Plungers!

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unpredictable said...

Yaye! I'm in that picture! Thanks so much for posting about our work. It's been great getting to know the Bronx & i look forward to learning more over my years at Fordham!