Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Listing of the Day: 1 Bedroom in Woodlawn

4380 Vireo Avenue - 1 bedroom Coop $159,000

Woodlawn is a very unique neighborhood in the Bronx. It is an Irish enclave that has enough bars and pubs to make even Galway jealous. My favorites are Rory Dolan's (technically in Yonkers) on McClean Avenue and the Rambling House on Katonah Ave. The people in Woodlawn are super-friendly (and some even have funny broughs!). The shepherd's pie and other Irish specialties are can't misses. Obviously St. Patty's Day is not to missed up here.

This one bedroom is situated in the Spencer House coop on Vireo Ave, which is right around the block from McLean Avenue - Woodlawn's shopping, entertainment, and imbibing backbone. For some reason there are no interior pictures, but at only $159,000, don't you owe it to yourself to check it out and have a pint? If you're in the market for a one bedroom, it doesn't make sense not to check it out.

Woodlawn is somewhat insular (and a little unknown) because it is surrounded by Yonkers (Westchester) to the North, Van Cortlandt Park to the West, Woodlawn Cemetery to the South and the Bronx River Parkway to the East. But, there is a Woodlawn 4 stop (on the edge of the nabe between the cemetery and the Van Cortlandt Park. Woodlawn also has its own Metro-North stop. And if you're a little "gothy" you can hang out in the famous Woodlawn Cemetery and write sad poetry. But honestly, the Cemetery does have some of the best mausoleums around.

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SHHHH! My neighborhood is a secret.