Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hugs for Pun Foundation Seeks Supporters

Here is news on a grass roots foundaton helping local youth. You might remember past posts about their distributing school supplies to local students at the beginning of each school year. Please do read on about this great effort started by "Big Puns" sister Nichole Rodriguez.


Inspired by and in memory of the late first time platinum winning hip hop artist Christopher “ Big Pun” Rios both born and raised in the Bronx, Big Pun’s childhood dream was to give back to his community. To make his dream possible, his sister Nicole Rodriguez opened the Hugs From Pun Foundation in hopes of “Building Today’s Youth’ Through mentorship and music, our children can be inspired from greatness within their own communities. Our mission is to inspire and uplift our youth by providing an outlet to prevent children whom are victims of abusive households or exposed to everyday negativity to repeat the cycle in their adult lives. Furthermore, keep our children out of trouble and in touch with their creativity for a bright future. 

HFP Foundation is now accepting both used and/or unused (working) instruments,music books/tutorials or money donations to make dreams possible for our children. By donating you will help kids fulfill their dreams to gain the skills to become artists, musicians in their future. Help keep our children off the streets and occupied with something positive that will change their lives. Please mail instruments or Money orders to P.O Box 771463, Orlando, FL 32877 Attention:NicoleRodriguez/Hugs FromPunFoundation. Any questions email:

HFP Foundation is seeking music professionals to volunteer their time to serve the children of our community in the Brronx,NY/Orlando,FL areas. With your help in mentoring and training in the music field you'll be making a difference by helping to "Build Today's Youth". If you are a currrent or retired established vocal coach, choreographer, music instructor, producer/engineer, DJ, have excellent instrumental skills (piano/keyboard, guitar, drums, violin, etc..) please contact NicoleRodriguez via email and attach a resume to: Either myself or Director will contact you.


Faraz said...

HFP Foundation is now excepting both used and/or unused (working) instruments,music books/tutorials or money donations to make dreams possible for our children.

Anonymous said...

"accepting" not "excepting"

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Anonymous said...

Of course, Big Pun was also caught on tape beating his wife with a MAC-10 automatic pistol. Tape here:

I'm sure that's outweighed by giving out free art supplies.

Seriously, you should look into these things before posting. The man was hardly a role model on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

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David said...

What the eff are you talking about?

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