Monday, January 9, 2012

Boogiedowner Film Buzz:" Positive Buy" by A Shot Film Productions Just in Time

Here is news on a crew of filmmakers from the Bronx making waves in LA. The producer, Hanley Valentine, and at least two of the actors in the short clip posted below are from the Boogiedown. Hopefully these Bronx movers and shakers, with their LA partners in crime will turn this short film into a pilot and then a TV series or full length move. I can’t wait!!!!

For someone like myself who loves cop type TV episodes like Blue Bloods or Law and Order, I was very impressed with the short. I found it suspenseful and even though “somewhat in your face”, worth every second of my time. Please do note there is some foul language and sexually implied imagery.

After viewing the short I showed it to a retired NYPD officer who was part of similar buy and bust operations. Besides giving it the BIG thumbs up, he also agreed with my position on the New York City Housing Authorities attempt to evict houses of worship from city housing projects. (Please see prior post) After real but comical stories of drug dealers pissing in their pants when he came out cocked with his finger on the trigger, he also discussed sad but true stories such as discussions with ten or twelve year old children involved in the drug trade with no expectation of living beyond their teenage years or escaping incarceration. In worst case scenarios daddies incarcerated, missing or dead, moms on crack and NYCHA wants to take away the men of god trying to educate them about the Ten Commandments.

Please note, I do not speak for the makers of the short but I do thank them for providing us with a realistic depiction of environments that will help others see a sad reality. Their short could not have come at a better time.

Any little assistance this blog can offer is at your disposal. Good luck to the entire crew.



Here is the latest from the Norwood News on the attempted evictions by NYCHA

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