Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video of Police Pepper Spraying UC Davis Students while Peacefully Demonstrating

The following video has gone viral and been viewed over 1,690,000 times. If you have not already seen it on various local news stations please do take a moment to view it by clicking the play button below. The video shows a police force pepper spraying college students as if they were roaches while they peacefully protesting at UC Davis. Since when have police had the authority to spray chemical agents on peaceful college students during a demonstration? The officers in this video embarrassed themselves, their university and our nation. We were once seen as a nation that honored and protected civil rights. We were a worldwide symbol of justice. The police officers shown pepper spraying college youth and everyone that gave them the authorization must be held accountable. I understand police are in a difficult position but this is insanity and must be stopped! Thank God we don't have these clowns as our police force in NYC.

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