Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baron Ambrosia Dishing About the BoogieDown's Best Delivery Options

First, I'll point out that, of course, the Baron's picks for the Bronx come last in this NY Magazine article - even after that most insular and alien of boroughs, Staten Island. I will say, however, that the Baron has some interesting places on his list.

My favorite comment from Baron Ambrosia on the marinated flank steak at Siam Square:
“The chile-tamarind-marinated flank steak will make you want to slap the chef for making you feel so vulnerable.”
Check the whole shebang HERE

Any delivery spots you think your fellow Bronxites should know about?


Lis said...

I love the Baron! I will eat anything he recommends!

Unknown said...

Hey BoogieDowner,
Here is my full list and words before NYMAG edited them down so they could fit 30 more Manhattan restaurants.

Siam Square
564 Kappock Street
NY 10463-6402
(718) 432-8200

Tangy shredded green papaya salad partners well with boneless duck in a Panang curry. The chili tamarind marinated flank steak will make you want to slap the chef for making you feel so vulnerable, especially when followed by the purple rice pudding or house made pandan leaf ice cream.
Neighborhood: Riverdale

653 Melrose Avenue
NY 10455-2529
(718) 402-5400
Neighborhood: Melrose

Accessing zesty chilaquiles topped with slow cooked goat meat and chorizo without leaving the comfort of your own home should be illegal. The hysteria elicited by huitlacoche and squash blossom quesadillas becomes even more frenzied when eaten in the privacy of one’s own home.
Neighborhood: Melrose

Mike’s Deli
2344 Arthur Avenue
Bronx, NY 10458

Envision yourself opening your front door to a smiling delivery man with a heavy brown bag. Now imagine opening that bag only to be hit with the garlicky steam of a mouth-watering Calabrese-style porchetta topped with homemade smoked mozzarella...or was it the legendary ‘cooked to perfection’ Eggplant Parmigiana. Does it really matter? Large orders are delivered throughout the Tri-State area.
Neighborhood: Belmont (Little Italy)

Cozy Cottage
4105 Boston Road
Bronx, NY

Aside from delivering a healthy array of ‘big bad blue-collar lunch specials’, Cozy Cottage is home to the original Baron Ambrosia sandwich. A monstrous pile of brisket topped with Swiss cheese and a scrambled egg parked between two pieces of toasted garlic bread and served with a steamy bowl of brown gravy for slow dipping. Great meal for couples trying to reconnect. Wear a bib...or maybe not.
Neighborhood: Eastchester

Coconut Palm
2407 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, NY

Having traditional Guyanese specialties just a phone call away is one of the reasons the Bronx is such a magical place. Crunchy coated shark bites with scotch bonnet pepper sauce, fiery jerked chicken fried rice, and a curried shrimp roti are the kind of dishes that will make you realize leaving home is often times overrated.
Neighborhood: Westchester Square, Parkchester

Anonymous said...

Baron neglected to mention two of the best places on Arthur Avenue. (Why is Mike's the only deli reviewers know?) Anyway, don't miss Tino's and Emilia's for great food at affordable prices.

The Mayor of Melrose said...

Baron's recommendations are always great!

Xochimilco, I can attest to that review as i live right behind them!
Everyone I bring to the restaurant, falls in love with the place and instantly become regulars.

Guywithacause said...

Baron I usually agree with you but the Xochimilco restaurant was not good at all. I went once and never went back.

If you want quality Mexican food, in a nice environment, with special attention from the owner, all food prepared fresh upon ordering, with excellent presentation, then I would recommend:

800 East 149th street
Between Tinton and Wales
Tel: 347-498-1055

They have been opened less than 3 years I believe. The owner has yet to take a day off and he takes great pride in his food, its freshness, and presentation. All meats are sourced from a local butcher too! He makes his own sangria and other local beverages...and depending how much he likes you, you may get to try his flavored margaritas. I always get the guacamole...of course, freshly prepared...chips need some work though. If there is something you don't see on the menu, ask for it, and he will make it for you if he has the necessary ingredients. It's like having a personal chef.

Locals, cops, and transplants/newbies frequent the place. Delivery is the fastest I have ever experienced.

He has been so successful he just opened another restaurant on the corner of Jackson Ave and 148th street..more of a diner with handmade burgers, salads, fresh cut fries, etc.

Here's what some other people say about it:

The Mayor of Melrose said...


you are the eternal negative individual and rarely a positive thing to say about any organization or restaurant. Xochimilco beats Mexicocina hands down

The Mayor of Melrose said...

And Guywithalostcause,

When I go to restaurant, i'm more interested in the fact that I will get good service but most of all excellent food.
Xochimilco's food is always prepared FRESH TO ORDER and everything is always fresh. I think it's rather insulting that you use the fact that cops and and newbies/transplants to define how good a place is...what about the locals who live in the community? Is a place determined good because "transplants and newbies" go there?But if you're using that seriously flawed and arrogant logic which you usually use, then you have tons of attorneys from 161st street who go out of their way to eat here and even come in on weekends as well.

I have had Mexicocina's food and really was not impressed. It was good but definitely not on par with Xochimilco - who also by the way will make something for you if you ask