Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tirado Supporters (and Some Espada Spies) Gather on Mosholu Parkway for Announcement

Tell Pedro the folks at Bainbridge House say hi!

Yesterday at around 5:30pm, many supporters of Fernando P. Tirado gathered at the World War I Monument on Mosholu Parkway at Hull/Marion Avenues to hear Mr. Tirado's official announcement of his candidacy for NYS Senate in the 33rd District.

A few residents from Bainbridge House came out to hear Mr. Tirado's announcement, but one notable absence at the gathering was Pedro Espada Jr. Our 'neighbor' must have been busy with a previous engagement, but he was kind enough to send two spies (one of whom is pictured above) who lurked across the street watching the event. The two suited men, who many identified as Espada staffers, never came over to the group but chose to watch the announcement from afar. Shady!

Please find below some photos from the event, along with a video of Mr. Tirado's speech in which he promised to run his campaign on a platform of "community, integrity, and dedication." Around the 2:20 mark a Q&A begins in which Mr. Tirado shares his thoughts regarding the increasingly crowded primary race, as well as the issue of Espada's abundance of campaign funds.

Fernando P. Tirado Announces His Candidacy for NYS Senate from Erin Cicalese on Vimeo.



indyrox said...

LOL!! That happens to be a friend of mine and he is no Espada spy... you guys need to report facts. But thanks for the laugh!

Boogiedowner said...

Numerous sources at the event said he was indeed an Espada staffer. So who is it?

Anonymous said...

I've seen that guy at a number of Espada's phony events and "town hall" meetings. Either he works for him or he's stalking him.

Anonymous said...

I've seen that guy also he is an advocate for the community, and Espada does not throw phony events. The events are for our community and they are much needed. Keep your negative comments to yourself!! It's a shame how people twist things around so negatively!!!

Anonymous said...

Come on!

If this guy is "an advocate for the community," why was he hiding out across the street? Why are you concealing his identity?

Who is he? What community affiliations does he have to advocate for our community?

Give it up! It's not hard to tell the truth. If you weren't full of it, you would have already put the question to rest!

Anonymous said...

People get defensive and begin to accuse people without having any idea what they talking about. Spy? Lol what is this the cold war? Everyone is entiled to Show up in a community event no matter who it is. And quite frankly it's not anyones buisness but their own.

Boogiedowner said...

Yes, everyone is welcome at a community event such as Mr. Tirado's candidacy announcement. Our point is, why not come over and actually be part of the event? Why lurk across the street? Whether you're from Espada's office or not, it just seems strange to me to not just walk over and be a part of the group that has gathered.

Anonymous said...

Either he's "an advocate for the community" or "it's not anyones buisness but their own." You can't have it both ways.

Nobody's questioning his right to be there. But there are very reasonable questions about why he chose to participate in a civic event in such a non-transparent manner. Care to explain?

Who does this individual represent? Why didn't he want people to know? Why don't you want people to know?

Your whole behavior from start to finish just seems to suggest you all have something to hide.