Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BankNote to Create Campus Space for Potential Higher Ed Tenants

The developers of Hunts Point's BankNote building, Taconic Investment Partners, LLC and Denham Wolf Real Estate Services, are taking another step to lure dynamic tenants to BankNote's massive 405,000 square foot office and retail complex with plans to convert some of its space to a campus-like setting attractive to higher education schools and professional training programs.

BankNote is already home to two education programs, the J.V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy Charter School and a small DOE high school program, and these recently announced plans include developing private entrances and collaborative education programs with current tenants and community organizations. Building from the existing creative services tenants, which includes Arthur Aviles Typical Theatre, The Bronx Association of Arts and Dance (BAAD!) and The Lightbox-NY, the developers envision a multi-use, destination building that brings business to the South Bronx and increases community activity in Hunts Point.

“The BankNote works well for customizing space for schools because of its large floor plates, ample space for separate classrooms, lots of natural light, private entrance potential, high ceilings, and location in the heart of a thriving cultural community,” said Paul Wolf, co-president of Denham Wolf Real Estate Services. “In recent months, we have seen an uptick in leasing interest from academic institutions coinciding with education-related activities in the building.”

Good stuff!

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Guywithacause said...

I hope that this new redevelopment does not become "education" intensive, because it will be no different than walking by any other public high school, full of bad mouth hood rats congregating and making the entire area a place to avoid.

I was hoping for a redevelopment that would provide a variety of businesses and markets that would serve the community and be an asset. Going the "education" route is a huge negative and colossal disappointment...this building will ultimately be yet another public high school to avoid unfortunately.