Friday, October 23, 2009

It's My Park! Day Tomorrow

Okay people, it's time to stop complaining about your local park and put a little muscle into helping to fix it up.

This Saturday, 10/24, at 10am is It's My Park! Day throughout NYC. Click here to see an overview of the day and figure out exactly where your local park's event is taking place.

For anyone living in the Bedford Park area, the Bedford Mosholu Community Association will be meeting at the Mosholu Comfort Station at Webster Avenue and Mosholu Pkwy. South.

Hopefully the rain will hold off so we can spend some time cleaning up our local park - see you there!



Anonymous said...

So did you make it out to do park work?

Boogiedowner said...

Sadly, the rain kept us from participating. Did you strap on the slicker and rubber boots, anonymous? How was the soggy turnout?

anthony rivieccio said...

sadly, the rain did not stop over 5 people from BMCA and over 100 volunteers from Fordham University, Mount St Urusla and MPC from assisting.

In short, a wonderful wet day-with Mosholu South getting some attention-from Webster Ave South-to Lisbon Place

All we have to do now is convince BMCA & MPC executive leadership that they should take their wonderful planting and greenery assistance "up the Mosholu hill" and not just contain it to "The Gully" (Webster Ave), then Mosholu can start to get some comprehensive assistance. If it were not for Committee of 100 Democrats and NorthWest Bronx democrats, you would not see any work done prior to Webster,

Thus I can happily report that from Bainbridge Ave-to Lisbon Ave-over 15 bags of garbage/leaves were taken out.

And oh yes,if one asks for volunteers the least an organization can do is provide refreshments. kuddos for MPC providing delishous sandwhiches for their volunteers. Boos aloud for BMCA providing their groups with water

Boogiedowner said...

Thank you for the wonderful updates from It's My Park Day. It sounds like it was a huge success despite the weather. Rest assured, we will tell our 21-month-old to buck up and pick up a shovel no matter the weather conditions next time. The nerve of her wanting to stay in her cozy, dry apartment on a rainy day!
One note: it's a bit counterproductive for volunteers to demand something in return for their time (in this case, lunch). That's great if some larger organizations have a budget to support such a thing, but most grassroots efforts simply don't. Every park cleanup we've attended as a BMCA member has been well organized and a great community building experience. We're very happy to eat our lunch at home.