Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Councilman Joel Rivera and The Brain Tumor’s Foundation Provides Free MRI Screenings

Here is news on free MRI's available today and tomorrow. Anyone interested in a free MRI, please do review the following press release.


Councilman Joel Rivera and The Brain Tumor’s Foundation
“Bobby Murcer Mobile MRI Unit” Provides Free MRI Screenings

Bronx, New York – Council Member Joel Rivera and The Brain Tumor’s Foundation “Bobby Murcer Mobile MRI Unit” will provide free MRI scans for the community located outside of 1901 Southern Boulevard on May 25 and 26 from 9am to 5pm.

In recognition of May as Brain Tumor Awareness Month, the Councilman encourages the community to make use of the free MRI scanning as brain tumors can occur at any age. Each year, more than 700 men and 600 women in New York State are diagnosed with cancer of the brain and nervous system. More than 400 men and 300 women die from this disease each year in New York State.

“A non-invasive, radiation-free simple MRI brain scan can save your life. This screening is open to all residents in the community and I urge everyone to participate in this exercise as early detection is the road to prevention. Working with Bobby Murcer MRI Unit we are able to provide this service to Bronxites that may not have the financial means to do so otherwise,” stated Councilman Rivera.


Anonymous said...

This is wasteful and shouldn't be funded by the city council. General population screening for brain tumors is not supported by medical evidence.

See this article in the New York Times: City Council Earmarks Flow to Brain Scan Group
March 2, 2011
a passage from the article: "A division of the National Institutes of Health that specializes in brain tumors has stated that 'early detection strategies have not been a priority and their use may not be ethical.' And the American Cancer Society and the American Brain Tumor Association said they had concerns about Dr. Kelly’s methods because of those risks."

demony granger said...

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