Friday, October 22, 2010

It's My Park! Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow (10/23) is It's My Park! Day throughout NYC. Click here to see an overview of the day and figure out exactly where your local park's event is taking place.

For anyone living in the Bedford Park area, the Bedford Mosholu Community Association will be meeting at 10am at the Mosholu Comfort Station at Webster Avenue and Mosholu Pkwy. South.

After you help cleanup your local park, head on over to the Williamsbridge Oval "Bark in the Park" event! Details below...
Bark in the Park



Anonymous said...

More being done for the dogs in the neighborhood than for the residents. More truth than fiction in the saying, "Going to the dogs."
That's where the "mosh," "the nabe, and "the hood" are going.

Jay Shuffield said...

I can't agree less with the statement by Anonymous at 10:26 10/22/10.

I attended the Bark in the Park this afternoon. What I saw were lots of dressed up dogs - dogs that came with their owners, many of whom were entire families. Some of the kids dressed up too!

Most importantly, everybody was having a good time, together, as a community!

It should be obvious that any improvements made "for the dogs" are improvements for the benefit of the neighborhood's residents.

After all, there have been decades of studies showing how pets contribute to the health of their owners. It doesn't even require a study to understand that people in the park interact with their neighbors more when their dogs are playing together.

So how could anybody criticize efforts to make our residents healthier? Why would anybody criticize activities that bring neighbors together?

And why in the world would anybody criticize having a good time?

I assume Anonymous was probably just having a bad day. Even so, I think it would be better to try getting a good night's sleep next time, and then joining everybody else in the park to have some fun!

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to get a "good night's sleep" here! The 5-2 doesn't respond to the noise complaints I lodge against my loud neighbors. After a few hours, I check the 3-1-1 update and find that "police responded and found no action was required" as my computer bounces up and down from my neighbor's loud bass.

Walter Tully said...

I only took a glance at the Bark in the Park after work, and I liked how the dogs and their owners walked and played with each other. If the My Park Day would be held again this year, I will surely go there as a volunteer for clean-up.