Monday, October 4, 2010

DOT Releases Free iPhone App to Find Car Services

NYCDOT has just made it a little easier to catch a ride in NYC - they've created a free iPhone app which quickly puts users in touch with the closest TLC approved car services. This is an extremely handy app to have in the BoogieDown, where yellow cabs only pop up once in a blue, and usually just because they're getting their cars serviced on Webster Avenue.

Here are the deets, straight from DOT:
I work for the NYC DOT, and we’ve recently released a free iPhone app. Called “You the Man” after our anti-DWI campaign, the app uses the iPhone’s GPS to help locate the nearest TL+C approved car services and allows you to click-to-call for a ride. A built in map also shows the nearest subway stations. I thought the app might be of interest to your readers, especially in areas where yellow cabs are less available.

The app also features a BAC calculator, Twitter integration and a designated driver selection game for New Yorkers who are driving to go out.

The app is available for free in the iTunes app store:

More info on the campaign:
Good stuff!


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The Mayor of Melrose said...

ah...I must point out that we have yellow cabs down in Melrose and the lower concourse all the time :)