Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boogiedowner Film Buzz: NYU Student Filmmakers seek locations for next film

If you need a few extra bucks or are interested in a film crew shooting their next film in your apartment, please read the description of the film locations needed below. If interested please do forward a photo of your space or any questions to either of the following e-mail address;


2- .

#1: Large 1BR/2BR or Loft Style Apartment
Dates Needed: January 13th and 14th
Offering: $100 per day

“- ideally it will be spacious (as we will be shooting there and the
camera needs to move around)
- it needs to have: bedroom, open plan kitchen (i.e. either a large
kitchen where a table fits or an open plan kitchen that joins with the
living room), living room, largish bathroom
- ideally it would be in an older building
- ideally it would be furnished with non-Ikea type furniture (wood,
natural materials, a little vintage perhaps)
- ideally the walls wouldn't be white (best case scenario - some shade
of blue), or if the walls are white, they would be open to us
temporarily wallpapering or painting the walls”

#2: Gym
Dates Needed: January 15th & 16th
Offering $175 per day

Prep time might be requested if needed. Their hours are flexible as well, especially for the gym. If any alterations are made, the unit they will be restored to its original condition. Please do e-mail me if interested. Please also note the filmmakers are insured.


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