Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rivera/Padernacht Debate (Updated)

BxNN has posted a link to the Gustavo Rivera/Dan Padernacht debate which aired on BronxTalk this past Monday. Here's the clip in case you missed it:

There were a bunch of interesting comments left on the post suggesting that although Padernacht hasn't received the political endorsements or generated as much of a buzz in the media as Rivera, he's actually the stronger candidate of the two. Commenters opine that Rivera is receiving the support of the Bronx political establishment simply because he is Hispanic and Padernacht doesn't stand a chance because he's white and his family is involved in real estate. What do you all think?

I personally felt like Rivera actually wasted my valuable time during the debate. I only get a small window of opportunity where Sesame Street will capture Pearl's attention, and I can't believe I just spent it listening to someone name drop and rattle off endorsements that I already knew he had. Booooo!

While I'm at it, I have another bone to pick with Rivera. I was taking the kiddos out for a walk yesterday and my lovely super, Sam, was working hard outside in the 95 degree heat tending to the plants around our building. Another one of his tasks for the day? Cleaning up Gustavo Rivera campaign flyers left behind by New Roosevelt Initiative's volunteers' little rally outside our building Saturday.
I'm all for coming to Espada's supposed place of residence to organize and do community outreach, but really - where do the volunteers think the campaign literature they hand out ends up? I'm sick of politicians littering the streets with their campaign crap. That means you too, Senator Espada! BD reader Jo sent in the below photo of Espada's flyers on a pole on the Grand Concourse. Talk about overkill. I can't wait for those to be torn down and end up as litter in my neighborhood.
An update from BD Reader Jo regarding the campaign posters:
So as follow-up to the picture I sent you yesterday of Pedro's awful posters: I have since called 3-1-1 and reported his posters that are ILLEGALLY posted on city property. Dept of Sanitation will take the complaint, and within 3 days go out to remove the posts and issue a fine to the individual or company owning the poster. So I encourage everyone to call 3-1-1 to report any of his posters illegally hung and hope that you spread the word to do so as well!

I am also happy to report that the pole on Bedford Park Blvd and Grand Concourse that yesterday had ten front and back posters of Espada’s face (20 in total) now have been decreased to 7 front and back (14 awful faces)—and I can’t take credit for the removal of any of those. So it makes me feel good that there are others in this neighborhood that dislike him as much as I do and are willing to take action. But I am now advocating the report of the posters to 3-1-1 instead of just ripping them down and creating litter.

Thanks Jo!!



Anonymous said...

mind you, Gustavo Rivera hoped to raise $500,000 for his campaign...

all of this campaign money could be donated to food pantries and soup kitchens.

a candidate should win by the content of his character, not his wallet. further, all elected officials should receive a salary equal to the average median income of his or her constituents. the idea that these folks make six figures while people are on the verge of eviction because there are no jobs makes me not want to vote AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting to see that you are disappointed with Gustavo Rivera, but are you going to vote for him?
Check the comments on Bronx News Network.

Anonymous said...

Your "lovely super" may have picked up the flyers (heavy work!), but he didn't pick up the dog shit that was on your sidewalk for almost a week. Every time I walked my dogs, I had to steer them around the mound.

Since when does character have anything to do with any election, especially in the Bronx?

Boogiedowner said...

@ anon 10:37am:
Regarding both the flyers AND the dog crap, maybe the people who made both messes should have thought to take responsibility and clean them up. Or maybe you should have thought to bring an extra baggie to clean the dog crap instead of just walking your dogs around it all week?

Jack said...

As one of the people who gathered in front of your building on Saturday to begin a day of canvassing, I do regret that some literature ended up as litter.

To answer your question -- where do we think the literature ends up? Most of it in potential voters' hands. Unfortunately we have no control after that--other than trying to be vigilant about picking up any improperly discarded literature we see. I can only speak for myself -- I try to be aware of stuff like this and pick it up. I think that is true of the other canvassers from NRI.

The reality is that if we want any chance of ousting Espada, we need to boost the name recognition of the candidate who can defeat him. Unfortunately not everyone reads electronic media like this blog or BxNN or community newspapers. Printed literature is still a valuable tool in retail politics. I think you know our goal is to get a better Senator -- not trash your block or make your super work harder.

Regarding the debate -- yeah, it probably was a waste of time for an informed voter like yourself. But there are a lot of people who never heard of Rivera and have no idea of the people who support him -- clearly that was one of things Rivera wanted to communicate to folks who tuned in. I will also say that early in his campaign I had the chance to speak to Rivera one on one for a good 15 minutes of back and forth. Note, this was when I was actively supporting another candidate and he knew that. I found him to be thoughtful, engaging and substantive. I asked him specific questions about detailed aspects of housing legislation -- a particular concern of mine. He had much more than a superficial grasp of the issues. There were hints of this in the debate, for example when he referred to the Urstadt Law. Unfortunately a half hour format, even with an excellent questioner like Gary can only do so much.

Lis said...

I am so glad someone else was disappointed in the Riveria/Padernacht debate. The hubs and I watched the debate last night and I was really bored (not that politicians should entertain me -- I would tune into Espada if that was the case) but I wanted to learn something. All I got was political cliches and empty rhetoric from Riveria. I am so disappointed; I really have no idea what Riveria plans to do for the 33rd district. Can I get some concrete answers?

Anonymous said...

why must we accept the fact that politicians lie?

Jack said...

To Lis:

Have you checked out the issues page on Rivera's campaign site and the BxNN surveys?

Here are links:

I think there is a lot of substance in both places -- certainly enough so we have a decent idea of how he will vote on many issues. For example two issues of concern for me which are likely come up in the NYS Senate are marriage equality and an expansion of tenant protections. It is very clear to where Rivera stands on these specific issues. Of course, as with anything, I can think of further questions and clarifications. What are some of your questions? Maybe you should submit them to the Rivera himself -- there is a link at this campaign website to do exactly that:

Anonymous said...

OMG. I just watched this debate and I am thoroughly underwhelmed by Gustavo. What a smug, vacuous, opportunist. I was actually going to vote for him because Espada is so bad, but I don't think I can after watching this. He couldn't name one thing he had done in the community that he didn't get a check for. I think I'm going to vote for that lawyer padernacht. All Gustavo did wad rattle off endorsements and speak in terms utterly devoid of substance. We're in deep doodoo around here if he's the best we can do. Our people deserve better. Padernacht seemed mad smart.

Cesar d.

Lis said...

Jack: I take issue with the fact that because I am underwhelmed with Rivera's performance on BronxTalk, you assume I am not informed.

I have checked out his website, emailed him numerous times (back when a lot of his supporters were lobbying for Pilgrim), and I have even met with two different people representing him in this race.

I am not going to vote for Espada (Rivera will probably get my vote), but this race has made it clear that the Bronx has a long way to go in getting representation I feel confident can make the changes needed here.

Jack said...

Lis -- I'm not assuming anything about you. I was simply responding to this part of your post:

"I really have no idea what Rivera plans to do for the 33rd district. Can I get some concrete answers?"

I think the links I noted give both "plans" and "concrete answers". Obviously they are not comprehensive and clearly don't answer all questions.

Regardless of the outcome of this primary -- we still have a long road towards gaining the political representation we deserve. To me it is self evident that the work does not stop after we vote. We have to hold all our representatives accountable. With Pedro we have no accountability. Even if you are a less enthusiastic voter for Rivera than I am, perhaps you can still agree that our opportunity for an accountable leadership increases dramatically with the ousting Espada and electing Rivera.

Anonymous said...

All candidates' handouts end up in the same place. I don't fault them as much as I fault the slobs who throw their trash - of all disgusting forms - onto our sidewalks.

But what irks me is having to look at Pedro's mug every time I walk down Bainbridge Avenue. Do I really need to see him glowing in the dark, grinning about his misdeeds, when I walk by at night?

The sign is not legal. He did not get any of the permits required for an illuminated sign. It might not even be possible to get one for this type of quiet street, but the records on the Building Information System show that he never he bothered to try applying for a permit.

So it irritates me every time I walk by to realize he took our tax money to put up a giant picture of himself, instead of doing something useful with our money, and that he did it illegally.

pato amarillo said...

It's clear that you are a paid shill for Gustavo Rivera's campaign, Jack (if that is even your real name).

What do you find wrong with Padernacht?

Anonymous said...

Just read that Rivera might not show up for the debate on Thursday if Espada doesn't show....Personally I think he doesn't want to take another beating at the hands of Danny-boy...and furthermore if he doesn't show he should then put all his support behind Danny-boy and bow out gracefully.......

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:56

I couldn't agree with you more, if he doesn't show up to the debate, he should bow out graciously, or as close to it as he can get given his "humble" demeanor. The same is true if he starts name-dropping again at the debate...

Freddy B.

Anonymous said...

who cares who is backing Gustavo Rivera, really?

Every last one of our political media WHORES (Dinowitz, Engel - who lives in MARYLAND - Diaz Jr. & Sr., Espada etc) is a LYING SACK OF DONKEY DUNG.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was "monkey dung" on the sidewalk in front of BD's and Pedro's

Anonymous said...

Donkey, not monkey.

Anonymous said...

Shit is shit

anthony rivieccio said...

As normal, boogiedowner got the jint

but really, this blog took great pains in supporting gustavo while gtetting the real community candidate Desiree Pilgrim Hunter off the ballot...and NOW...Surprize...THEY ARE ..Whats the word..Underwhelmed...????

Now why would you be underwhelmed that Gustavo, another outsider, would:
a) put on a bad performance at the bxtalk debate
c) GO TO A EAST SIDE (NON DISTRICT) Debate and be just as bad

I have suggested on many levels that people who just move into our beautiful north bronx should first learn the neighborhood, its people, its concerns.

Now I am surprized that wonderful people like "The Boogiedowners, Fernando Tiardo Pedro Espada, And many others who have lived her long enough do to their own lengthy time of community service----would now bash Gustavo--another outsider trying to pretend to be on the inside:

BOTTOM LINE: Rivera Loses, Espada Wins---and in 2010---It will e the community outsiders faults by supportiing an outsider.

yes erin, i saw the dog crap and the brochure on the walkway. I am guessing but working as an operative in the past, my guess is that IT WAS THE RESIDENTS INTHE BUILDING WHO DROPPED THEM---ANOTHER SIGN of a Gustavo Loss?
The walkway: Yes yoour super, like most here, are trying hard, but NEIGHORS, PLEASE,Bring a doggiebag with you or (last resort) join the other dog lovers on the parkway but to poop on the walkway????

Well considering I saw BBQ Fires on just on the walkway-BUT THE STREET CORNERS this summer-in some cases only 1 block away from the building and the poop: Maybeeeeeeeeeeeee
After 20 years in Bedford park-maybe it is time to move wih Espada to Westchester.

If you keep up with REAL POLITICAL BLOGS-people would have known about the now Infamous EAST SIDE DEBATE

Boogiedowner said...

You are clueless. We never supported Gustavo. Your barely literate ramblings are a clear sign of how out of touch you are. Please spend some more time supporting losing candidates and crying foul about 'new' members of the community and less time offending Boogiedowner readers with you outright lunacy. Longevity in a community does not make one a community leader. Relative newness to a community does not render one ineffectual in community involvment.

Anonymous said...

Bravo boogie, I couldn't agree with you more with that last comment. However, I disagree with you on the outcome of the debate. Dan just talked about his family. Being lucky enough to have been born into a family in Riverdale with a landlord father does not qualify you to be a state senator. Not sure if you heard them on Brian Lehrer this morning but when asked about policy, Dan had absolutely nothing to say. He even said he would agree with much of what Rivera has been pushing. Rivera has atleast talked about the kind of legislation he would fight for and against. He has introduced health and education plans. As a school teacher, I would really love to see him get into office and make his Bronx Education Corridor (I think that's what he calls it) work. It makes you wonder what kind of representative we have who had never thought of such a thing before.

The fact of the matter is that a vote for Padernacht is a vote for Espada. We can't trust the son of a landlord and a real estate lawyer to fight for tenants rights. We can afford to have someone whose only qualification to be a state senator is that he was born in Riverdale and that his family has been here for some year. If Espada wins because of Padernacht, I will be deeply disappointed. We shouldn't have a Ralph Nader in this race.

Anonymous said...

anyone want an update on the 33rd state senate east side debate:

Anonymous said...

Earth calling Anthony. Can you hear me???

Really? People may have been underwhelmed by Gustavo. They were outright disgusted by Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter, with her lies, bad attitude, and bilking the system.

All you have shown here is a poor ability to select a candidate, and a brazen willingness to engage in revisionist history.

Boogiedowner didn't get Desiree out of the race. She put herself out by demonstrating her gross inadequacy. She couldn't handle a single blog post with valid, and very obvious, questions. How would SHE have done in a debate? Give me a break!

And I have never seen much Boogiedowner endorsement for Rivera. Are you just making this stuff up?

You just sound jealous when people listen to what new people have to say, because even after 20 years, nobody cares what you're talking about!

With so many losses under your belt, maybe you should try finding something you're actually good at.

Maybe you can pick up the dog poop!

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous @ 9/3 4:35PM

If Espada wins, its because Espada wins. Its because neither challenger was able to sway a district of over 121k democrats to come out to vote for them! Espada won 60% of less than 9k votes two years ago. If neither of them can't beat that, then it is the fault of their campaigns and the irresponsibility of the people.

I would rather be given all the choices possible and perserve my freedom than to let political sycophants like you dictate what is in my best interests...

All this whining from people who are running a slipshod campaign and is betting everything on endorsements alone is getting really lame.

By the way, I listenend to the WNYC debate myself instead of following what everyone else is saying. And you know what, despite Rivera having more time on the interview, he didn't say much of anything. He regurgitates the same message all the other Bronx Pols says and claims it as his own. Most of Rivera's thoughts are jumbled and did not once mention any specific legislation in the entire interview. He critizes Espada almost throughout the entire interview, than him and his stooges complain about being unfairly attacked by Padernacht.

I'll tell you one thing, I don't what a whiner and a crybaby for a senator, that's for sure! A vote for Rivera is a vote for a look-a-like Espada!

anthony rivieccio said...

OK Erin @ Lou

Firtly, let me say, GREAT CAR PIC

Secondly, let me thank boogiedowner for all they do-and what i think they do-and do well-is talk wonderfully about the bronx, especially, in bedford park.

it is also nice, from your blog, to learn about other real estate happingings as well

but i think that longevity helps make someone a community leader. Since you mention me, history will tell you that my length of time in bedford park comes from; starting as a Nader Raider in 1982, getting signnatures on Fordham & Kingsbridge train staions to help start "The Straphangers" campaign. College at Herbert lehman (Student Gov Pres in 1986,1987), Former Pres of "Equality in Education" in 1988-1989, the main organization against the CUNY tuition hikes at that time; Former Pres of 204th St/Bainbridge Ave Merchant Association (2002-2007) at that time revitalizing the district by supplanting things like "The Doe Fund" for sanitation purposes and "relighting christmas lights" on the strip , restarting in 2002-after a 10 year absense. Member of Community Board 7, most notably on The Parks Committee, fighting both The Water Filtration plant & Making sure Parks in CD7 got cleaned.Former executive Diretor of The Committee of 100 Democrats, a North Bronx Political club, re-activated since 1997.Director of "The Children's Collective", assisting with Montefiore Hospital and others to put (since 2006) child abuse prevention services in Middle School 80. AND YES, EVEN in 2005 , my efforts, along with BMCA and MPC even got the doggy poop bags on Mosholu Parkway.

So I believe that length of time-will and should over time-make someone a community leader. And yes while you are right, that as you call them "newcomers " should make their new mark on our wonderful 110 yr old community all I think I am trying to ask very humbly is that , like myself and others who move in, to learn the neighborhood, from its humble beginnings, to its well rounded diversity. Its history. Its ciulture.

Progress will change things: some for the good-some not

But please (and this goes for me too), lets always remember first the reason why Bedford park still stands brightly today-because of all of its neighbors in its 110 commerical history (and 150 non commerical) keeping it: Bright, and clean

Anonymous said...

who knows what this guy is talking about? what a nut.

Jack said...

To Mr/Ms. Pato Amarillo-
My name is what I post under. Regarding remuneration for my public support (shill sounds so negative) of Mr. Rivera, I assure you I have received none. One could say the opposite is true since I have contributed a few bucks to Rivera's campaign and other efforts to oust Mr. Espada.

Re: my neighbor, Mr. Padernacht.
He is no longer a candidate and has endorsed Mr. Rivera. Kudos to him for doing the right thing.